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 The guest is  very welcome. There will always be the owner or a family member ready to receive you!

You will be welcomed with warmth and a welcome sign, on request we will let you know the farm and how it works and you can get tips about the area, local products, traditions and local culture. We will be happy to provide detailed information, telephone or written on the prices, agritourism services, company and its geographical location, on the recommended routes to get there. We will have utmost care in ensuring the cleanliness and order of the premises, building maintenance, hygiene in the preparation of meals, to ensure your comfort and your safety during your stay or operation of any recreational and sports activities.                           

We intend to enhance the local gastronomic tradition, authenticity, and character and quality of products and for this, you will find on our tables mainly farm produce or other farms in the area.                                                                                                                                              

In the preparation of the dishes will spend seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes to guide you through the rediscovery of the ancient flavors of peasant culture (little dictionary of Traditions and Eating).

We are committed in the administration and marketing of food products, to pursue the typicality and authenticity and to avoid the presence of GMOs and derived from them.

We intend to protect and spread the knowledge of the great Italian wine heritage, while respecting the diversity of geographical and productive traditions. You can then enjoy our production of high value, DOC, DOCG and geographical indication, from the farm or region or contiguous wine.



       Patrizia with her mother Giorgina