The agricultural enterprise Mucci Georgina practice organic farming on a total area of ​​10 ha., The address is cereal and fodder production prevails where the cultivation of cereals in rotation with corn and sunflower. There are about 130 olive trees scattered mixed varieties, a small plot intended to kitchen garden, a vineyard with wine grapes, as well as formations and forested riparian tree species isolated (oaks). The fertility of the land is good with substrates predominantly clay and medium texture that give yields in line with the regional average. The company is normally mechanized for the management of the main sorting operations related culture. The crops are placed exclusively within the province and olives oil processed elsewhere.
The company has sought to allocate farm activities, when fully operational, two buildings adjacent to each other. The first is a typical farmhouse dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, developed on three floors, with barn, cellar and accessories on the ground floor, you no longer need to run to the current needs of the fund. The geographic position of the site is flat and you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.
The building, in its state-ante restructuring, resulted built of brick and stone, plastered outside and in good maintenance conditions; was adjusted to the new requirements for the destination to accommodation, retaining the original construction peculiarities and its lines architecture are well integrated into the landscape.
It is next to the paved road provincial “Ginesina” (about 300 ml), which makes easy access to motor vehicles of all kinds and also hauled heavy (living, caravans, etc..). The second building is presented in precarious conditions and it served as a barn and shed, structured concrete columns with cover plate, is intended for the administration of food and drink and leisure activities.
The tree species production, together with some plots in the forest and wood of tall trees (oaks, etc..) Also play a valuable role scenic and recreational. The significant adjustments focused instead primarily to the increase in surface vegetables (broad assortment of seasonal produce is fresh leaf to fruit, potatoes and pulses such as beans, chickpeas, etc.). Farmyard and livestock (chickens , guinea fowl, turkeys, geese, rabbits and pigeons) for which the company will provide a dedicated slaughter premises, depending on the needs of small catering farmhouse typical