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Year 2010

6.11 – As we have come a long way, but the best hospitality we found here, to Agriturismo Colle Regnano! At proxima

1.11 – still a long journey in front of us (by bike) in a week … I’ll see you here again! Dear Patricia Many thanks for the warm hospitality and genuine and healthy food … Meanwhile, we salute and start pedaling!

31.10 – The II our honeymoon to good taste and good living! Genuine and true just like Patricia who knows spoiled (… even without recommendations) Francis kicked like crazy with hot cinnamon pastry cream (favolosa!!) And woke up all happy for the 3 types of cakes! W … Monica King, Daniel and Francis (in the belly!)

16.10 – The twelve guests and other useful thank Mrs. Patrizia for their hospitality.

13.10 – A Patrizia with such grace and sympathy. See you soon!! Carla and Tullio

Glory! Salutes you and thanks! Come and visit us at the Catholic!

Families gessaroli + Haynes, five days quietly in a place of enchantment.

For a place and a hospitality, a friendly owner and staff … A nice memory from Romagna. mary

19.9 – Thank you for your hospitality and family-friendly! From Patricia and Julius Casentino

19.9 – Gloria sends her thanks! Come and visit us at the Catholic!

19.9 – The tranquility of this inn is your total relaxation. Thanks for everything! 1 Federica, John and Christian, Kiss 19.9 – After two days of celebration and good and plentiful eating and drinking (as well as intense and demanding trekking??) It is time to return to Belluno. Hello

18.9 – Dear Pat, many thanks for a good week! And thank you for your Italian lesson!? At next time! There is a beautiful post, and we had a great meal! Heel harzlyk dank, & Wilma Bol

17.9 To the beautiful scenery, talk to your liking and you can have fun. Thank you for the wonderful and pleasant weekend. Stay as you are and never change. Hello Hello Tatiana, Ernesto, and Mirella Salvatore

12.9 – Thank you for this great weekend! It is a great time here!! Hills wonderful, charming farmhouse, nice people and helpful … Thanks Pat, hard-working, singing and whistling! Sorry to go on … But we hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Anna PS: Next time I want a tree house!

12.9 – Today the sun is shining but the real sun shines six you Patricia! Greetings Sarah Manuela Viterbo

12.9 – Thanks for a wonderful weekend! The place is lovely and you, too: with your personality you can have fun at any time J next year (I hope) and Gabri Jade … PS: The next year Henry also I want the tree house! Kisses

11.9 – Families Gessaroli and Haynes, five quiet days in a place of enchantment

9.9 – 3 years after we visit here again. Yuri is bigger than then. This farm is very very comfortable and dinner is excellent. We find Japanese around with not Tolentino, but tha atmosphere in the Marches. Last night, we enjoyed the house red wine. It is quite good. Unfortunately, the olive oil in this house does not Provide in this summer. The oil is frity and tasty. Yuri enjoys at the playground in the garden. Next time we come back here again as soon as possible. Thank you very much! Kyoko, Yuri and Takako

28.8 – It was all very nice, but mostly I will remember your sympathy. Brown

28.8 – To Patricia and Paul. With the trip to Egypt we had the opportunity of spending time together. You are special, thanks for everything and see you soon. A big kiss to Lorenzo. Angela and Franco

28.8 – Bedanket & Paul & Patricia Lawrence. At the next time! Johan & Sigrid

22.8 – We sincerely thank all the family for the hospitality and warmth with which you welcomed us in this wonderful holiday surrounded by nature. Thank you! Mony with affection …

22.8 – From Sarah. Patricia, thanks for these fantastic days for this welcome and for all the love you gave to us and to all. I hope that one day we will meet again back TVUKDB

21.8 – Thanks Patricia! Two weeks passed very quickly! He spent a lot of fun with and affection, start with a warm welcome. Every day is completely different, but always full of happiness. A big hug and hope to see you soon! Group holidays Bollate (MI) PS: Remember our market and our show!

21.8 – It ‘was amazing. The pool is nice, the food is good, thank you all. A big kiss and a hug from Julia Patrizia!

21.8 – To Patricia, Paul, Lawrence and Richard prevailing on the quiet hill. A greeting with a hug from Gigi, Helen, Peter (Pepi) and Nicola (Coco). Thanks

17.8 – Dear Patricia, enthusiasm and friendliness that you put into your work is admirable. Our stay in the Marches was beautiful thanks to this site. Rossana & kisses from Alberto

16.8 – For Greta by Francy a big kiss!

16.8 – Thank you for everything especially the knowledge

16.8 – Thank you all so much for the hospitality and warm. Carlo, Paola and Francesca da Brindisi 14.8 – The Colle Regnano we were kings. From a life we ​​did not eat tripe and beans with pork rinds. Delicious! Greetings. Monica and Michael

14.8 – Thanks for the market. Emma

14.8 – Thanks for walking. Andrea

7.8 – We have found the treasure of the Marches, is here! Thank you. Ben

7.8 – ‘t is hier geweldig, bedankt. Comme nous parlous, et toujours kike to say life is beautiful!! Ici c’est vrai. Liesbeth

1.8 – The beauty and silence of Colle Regnano is refreshment for the soul and Patrizia with her smile and positivity are the welcome person. Thank you. Luke Francis and Carolina

25.7 – A salute to soon, Patricia and her family for their hospitality and the friendliness and cordiality. A kiss hello. Daniel

25.7 – A wonderful weekend of simplicity based on sympathy and good food. When and where you do not expect you can always find a special person, “Patricia” to me a perfect copy of “suocerina” that everyone would like. A kiss and a hug. Fancesco and Francis

25.7 – Time Suspended on the edge of dreams, memories of another life more true breath of the soul. Colle Regnano

25.7 – I hope we’ll meet again soon … and remember that Henry might come for a season working here from you. Kisses kisses Cristina and Giulia

25.7 – In this corner of paradise people live with a smile, here the food is delicious and good company helped in this place the time goes up, where? Here at Colle Regnano

25.7 – I’ve seen, heard and tasted the essence of the here and now. Surprised to arrive and find a corner of paradise. Here, the place where I feel at this time. Colle Regnano.

25.7 – Thanks Patricia and all of you! The sparrow

25.7 – Thank you Patricia for this stay beautiful, fun and release ssante. I do not ever forget this trip to the country for the games of ping-pong with my dad and Lorenzo and for my own table service. In this paradise, I will return soon. Statemate all well. Henry

19.7 – Dear Patricia, Paul and Lawrence, thank you very much for your generosity and grand ospitality During our stay in Colle Regnano. You have a fantastic place and it will be a nice memory for us to bring home and share with our family. Many thanks

18.7 – With gratitude and affection. Andrea Rinaldo Batricio Julia.

10.7 – We found it very well. With the tip. Family Pennacchioni

4.7 – Emiliano, who stole the 4-day work Richard!

2.7 – The simplicity and hospitality have been the basis of our stay. Simon, Christina, Peter

29.6 – Patrizia you’re a big I love you. Ivan

28.6 – I statabenissimo in this enchanted place with beautiful scenery, but make it more beautiful, more pleasant and fun to Mrs. Patrizia is full of energy and happiness. I think I will return soon. Joy

6.6 – If by chance one day we could, we would like to add a star to your full outstanding firmament. Thank you for your kind hospitality. Lino ..

1.5 – Because we ate well and greetings from Elisabeth, Thomas, Beatrice, Michelle, Jack

1.5 – A great weekend in your charming and familiar place. See you soon

1.5 – In this little “Paradise” we were greeted by a beautiful smile! A woman full of vitality that has given us his hospitality! We were really UAO in the family! How wonderful! Thank you very, thank you so leave written our sincere greetings! Hello from the group of Rimini

20.4 – It ‘was very nice as usual, we ate well. Best regards John Philip …

19.4 – We had a great time, but the star that shines the most is you, Patty, although UNPO ‘”lame”. It tells you a Cionca like you. Who knows … maybe one day we will meet again. A hug and Gisella Gianfranco …

16.4 – I was good in this apartment. Thanks, however, was better if there was the sun! Patrizia will always remember for its friendliness and hospitality … We had a good time. Paul David and kisses from Ranica

6.4 – Alberto rosy cheeks. Even kisses from Mom and Dad

5.4 – Thank you for the delicious meals! Daisy

20.3 – Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and the friendly chats. I will remember forever. Rosanna.

13.3 – Special thanks to Patricia for her availability and above all for the confidence given to us. 2 days were rocking in complete serenity in a setting typical of the place. The 100 days that all students would pass. Thanks for everything. 5 ° The I.T.C.G. f. Corridoni Civitanova Marche

21.2 – Mgnificent location! We passed just one night, dear Pat, but we will always remember her hospitality. We hope to meet again. Janette, Andrew

14.2 – I’ve come to Tolentino with hunger in the belly, magna magna de de Here there ‘Patrizia is poor if he is in despair, here everything is good and plenty more panza.Con m’è grown from all my heart and my admiration by Patrizia come to make dinner, I was also happy to Pora der landscape patrician pay tribute. With love and sympathy thank you for your hospitality. Scarlett

14.2 – To Patricia and all the staff … With his sympathy He’s got that magna, drink and play … making us spend a beautiful S. Valentino. Thanks to Stephen Monia and Ancona

2.1 – For years Patricia Good and thank you for how you welcomed in these 4 days. Beatrice, Claudia and Livia

2.1 – A hill Regnano reign beautiful landscapes, fairy accommodation, good food and lots of green … But without your smile, we would not have felt so at home!! Thank you! Group “Giampaolo Petrelli” said “Er Boss” J

1.1 – Greetings from Count Raniero and we wish you a wonderful and exciting year! Congratulations for dinner! Samy, Zinga, Diego, Manu, Dave, Claudia, Glory, Christ, Gianlu, Stefy

1.1 – To Patty Greetings to all parties by Philip and Michela

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