Activities in the territory

The farm is located entirely within the mountain community of Blue Mountains, in the province of Macerata, and its buildings are the subject of intervention farmhouse located in the town of Tolentino c.da Casadicristo, 11.
Within a rural area of ​​considerable sub-urban geographical and historical value, as the famous scene of war from the Napoleonic era, which in recent years are the subject of a successful historical pageant called “Toledo 815”.
This area is also characterized by numerous agricultural settlements still scattered, often compressed by industrial areas, which deserve protection and enhancement.
The company occupies a gentle hillside along the road and San Ginesio few kilometers from downtown Toledo.
Are relatively close to other centers of particular interest as Pollenza, San Severino, Camerino, Belforte del Chienti, San Gines and Macerata, within easy reach of the river valley is the high power, and the ski resorts of Ussita Frontignano and Castelsantangelo on Black .
Equally accessible via the highway Valdichienti, is the Adriatic coast and beaches of Civitanova poles, power Picena and Porto Recanati and the Umbria and Rome through the Colfiorito pass or through the Nera Valley, the highway issue should arrive in the next few years Muccia Colfiorito and to continue until this perspective constitutes even now a further point of strength for the future objectives of the company.
Valuable destinations of trips and excursions are the places of the famous battle of Tolentino, the castle of the ranch and reservoirs on the river Chienti (Caccamo, Thanks, Polverina, etc..) Where you can enjoy fishing and boating.
Lastly the thermal center of Saint Lucia to which flows into a large audience from other provinces of Marche and plants located a few miles. by the company.
The buildings used for farm activities are located in the hills (400 m asl) and have a good panoramic view of the surrounding area and the towns of San Gines, and Colmurano. Rich is a native tree vegetation (woods of Mediterranean oaks isolated, riparian vegetation, etc..) Within the fund.
To highlight, finally, that both the corporate center that buildings used for farm activities are easily accessible by vehicles, including towed (trailers, etc..), Through the adjacent paved road.

Province of Macerata

The province of Macerata offers a variety of different local products, the ‘ideal for all types of holiday in a farmhouse. The steering column of Macerata is one of the most popular oils in the Marches. The most popular products in the farm of Macerata are the Monti Sibillini Pecorino sheep’s milk matured for two years and more Ciauscolo ham which is the traditional cuisine of the Marche. The Pan Nociato of Camerino and gingerbread, both of wheat flour, you can try on a farm in the province of Macerata, and Camerino. Of great importance is the gastronomic traditions of the Macerata area.

The White Hills Maceratesi to match with dishes like calf brains, the Marche Hake, seafood and grilled fish.

Rosso Piceno DOC is served with grilled meat, lamb chops, macaroni and traditional Vincisgrassi Campofilone.

Verdicchio DOC Matelica delicious when paired with asparagus, with the traditional stew of the Adriatic and the Peppered Mussels. Finally we point out the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona to taste with fruit salad and the popular Ciambellone.

The province of Macerata looks like the most of the provinces of Marche Marche.
Not only for the image that conveys, being among those that most escapes Marche, on the one hand, the centrifugal forces of the territory and delocalizzanti embedding such reality of Pesaro and Ascoli Piceno, as borderlands, and other hand, the dynamics “deterritorialized” instead investing the territory of Ancona, which projects onto the same geographical reference scenarios outside the region.

But beyond representation, there is a red wire, thick and continuous, which links the country to Macerata deepest values ​​of the Marches, and that means that maybe today is that of Macerata province that is better able to express the synthesis of all unique and often cited as a specific element of the Marches, between tradition and modernity, between quality of life and development, and that is a model of the Marche region increasingly appreciated and imitated the “wise know how to live.”

And ‘This is a fundamental value, which Macerata are also willing to make the same ambitions for growth, declining to the imperatives of development without any ifs and buts, the keeping of community cohesion, relational networks spread, of that which is intangible capital factor glue of society.

Censis report on the social situation of the Marches 2006

Marche Region

Spot Makes Hoffmann

“The rural landscape of the Marche is the classic view of the Renaissance, the views open as in the paintings of great painters. This landscape is a gently and skillfully humanized uninterrupted dialogue between land and people, a vision of art in the form fields, hills, trees can take.

The rural Marche has nothing to envy to the design of Japanese gardens, construction of the English landscape in 800, to the speculations of Olmstead of Central Park. “

Health: first for life expectancy

With a life expectancy of 85.1 years for females and 79.6 for males, the Marche boasts the absolute primacy among all the Italian regions. The figure, according to ISTAT 2008, is a point higher than the national average which is 84.1 years for females and 78.8 for males.

Health: the second highest quality of services

According to research conducted by the Ministry of Health and Labour – Cerm Studio 2009 – the quality of the healthcare system in the region is second in Italy. The ranking takes into account 52 indicators, including satisfaction, fitness and mobility.

Protection and promotion of the landscape: blue and orange flags record. With 16 Blue Flag certified in 2009 by the Italian Touring Club, the Marches are placed in first place among the regions in Italy and in third place with regard to the Orange Flags (18)





With 16 Blue Flag certified in 2009 by the Italian Touring Club, the Marches are placed in first place among the regions in Italy and in third place with regard to the Orange Flags (18)

500 squares, more than 1,000 significant monuments, over 100 cities, 33 castles, 106 castles, 15 forts, 170 towers, many old houses with a garden, thousands of churches of which 200 Romanesque, more than 40 well-preserved abbeys, 163 sanctuaries, 34 archaeological sites, 71 historic theaters, of which 45 in business.
The increased density, in Italy, museums and art galleries: 246 out of 246 municipalities. 315 libraries that hold more than 40 million books, some of which are ancient, such as the hermitage of Fonte Avellana (PU) and Oliveriana in Pesaro.

There are plenty of historical re-enactments that take place in the beautiful ancient city centers (including 815 of the Battle of Tolentino Tolentino) and the spectacular religious festivals and feasts associated with the Carnival.
Major summer events of international importance, such as the Sferisterio Opera Festival Macerata and the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro.

10 protected areas, two national parks (Monti Sibillini, Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga) with 60,000 ha. a protected area in the region, four regional parks (Monte Conero, Sasso Simone and Simoncello Monte San Bartolo, Red Gorge and phrases) for about 20,000 ha, four nature reserves (Fiastra Abbey, Mountain Torricchio Ripa Bianca and Throat Furlo) for more than 5,300 ha, more than 100 floristic areas, 15 state forests, over 60 environmental education centers throughout the area.

180 km of coastline, beautiful beaches with gravel, rock and sand, unique bays, 9 European blue flags, 10 flags orange quality tourism environment for the hinterland; 26 locations bordering the Adriatic Sea where you can spend a quiet holiday, the port seaport of Ancona and 9 tourist ports.

The mountains of the Marche offers 10 ski trails and interesting for those who practice cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, grass skiing, hiking or climbing.
Hundreds are the sports where you can practice the more traditional sports and centers where you can play amateur and recreational activities, in direct contact with nature, as an alternative to the traditional holiday, to satisfy fans of horse, golf, fishing , to jogging, mountain biking, canoeing, flying, hang-gliding, diving, etc..

In ancient Frasassi, which constitute one of the most interesting and complex karst known in Italy, you can see thin transparent alabaster, small lakes, stalactites and gigantic stalagmites carved. Water cures, mud baths, aerosol, inhalation, etc.. are available in ten spas in Macerata Feltria, Carignan, Mount Grimano, Petra, Genga, Aspio Spa, Tolentino, Sarnano Acquasanta Spa, Palm Tower.

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